Sermon on the Mount - Worry

20 Nov 2022 - Kasey Harbin - Sermon on the Mount Series Cont'd - Worry

+ Matt 6: Be right with God
- Sin gets b/w us and God
- When you give your alms, don't blow a trumpet
- Pray and cast your cares upon God, but don't pray to draw attention to you
- Fasting was a way to show God your deep committed relationship to God
- You can't serve two masters (God / Money)

+ Worry
- Paul was often hungry, thirsty, but he had a deep concern for all breathren.  He had a weight on his heart about fellow Christians being persecuted.  
-Do not worry about what you'll drink, eat, or wear. 
- If you see someone cold - give him clothing, if you see someone hungry - give him food, if you see someone thirsty - give him drink

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