Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5-7

Kasey Harbin - 10/16/22 - Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5-7

-Beatitudes addressed spiritual character of kingdom citizens
     +description of kingdom citizen and their destiny
     + Humbe, hungry, distressed people

- Similtudes emphasize the high calling of kingdom citizens
     +Salt of the Earth
     + Light of the world

- The heart of the sermon on the mount
     + the righteousness of the kingdom
     +must exceed the righteousness of the scribs and pharisees

-The rest of the sermon will divide into three basic ideas
     +our relationship and attitude toward the word of God
     +our relationship and attitude toward people
     +our relationship and attitude toward God

-Jesus had many run-ins with the pharisees
     +Based on the company he kept
     + their sharpest criticism concerned the Sabbath day

-Notice how Jesus frames the contrast of teaching
     +You've heard it said....
     +But I say unto you....
     +What was important was 'what was written'.....Mt 4:1-11

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