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                                    Sunday AM Videos

17 Oct 2021Kasey HarbinFocus on the Right Thing
10 Oct 2021Kasey HarbinLet Us Not Draw Back
03 Oct 2021AJ PriceA Little Leaven
26 Sep 2021Kasey HarbinAspects of Christian Unity
19 Sep 2021Mike BrandWho Should I Be?
12 Sep 2021Kasey HarbinDwell in Unity
5 Sep 2021AJ PriceOvercoming vs Being Overcome
29 Aug 2021Kasey HarbinAttitudes Concerning Biblical Authority
22 Aug 2021Kasey HarbinJesus Method of Teaching
15 Aug 2021Kasey HarbinRedletter Christians
08 Aug 2021Kasey HarbinWhat is Truth
01 Aug 2021AJ PriceThe Seven Churches of Asia
25 Jul 2021Kasey HarbinBiblical Authority
18 Jul 2021Kasey HarbinIntellectual vs Saving Faith
11 Jul 2021Kasey HarbinThe Resurrection and the Life
4 Jul 2021Kasey HarbinWhy Heal the Blind Man
27 June 2021AJ PriceThe Mirror
20 June 2021Kasey HarbinJesus is the Light of the World
13 June 2021Kasey HarbinDifferent Types of Judgement
06 June 2021Kasey HarbinReactions to Jesus' Teaching
30 May 2021AJ PriceMarriage and our Relationship with God
23 May 2021Kasey HarbinFeeding the 5000 - Philip
16 May 2021Kasey HarbinDo You Want to be Made Well
09 May 2021Kasey HarbinThe Nobleman's Son
02 May 2021AJ PriceLove Your Brother
25 Apr 2021Kasey HarbinJesus' Use of Contrast
18 Apr 2021Kasey HarbinBorn Again
11 Apr 2021Kasey HarbinJesus First Sign
04 Apr 2021Kasey HarbinJohn the Baptist
28 Mar 2021Kasey HarbinThe Word
21 Mar 2021Kasey HarbinJohn
14 Mar 2021AJ PriceSin
07 Mar 2021AJ PriceIntegrity
28 Feb 2021Kasey HarbinThe Forgiveness of God
21 Feb 2021Kasey HarbinThe Promises of God
14 Feb 2021Kasey HarbinThe Love of God
7 Feb 2021Kasey HarbinSlow to Anger
31 Jan 2021AJ PriceFaith Where It Needs to Be
24 Jan 2021Kasey HarbinGraciousness of God
17 Jan 2021Kasey HarbinNature of God
10 Jan 2021Kasey HarbinCharacter of God
3 Jan 2021Kasey HarbinJoseph, The Father of Jesus pt. 2
27 Dec 2020AJ PriceGifts Pleasing to God
20 Dec 2020Kasey HarbinJoseph, The Father of Jesus
13 Dec 2020Kasey HarbinFaith of a Mustard Seed
6 Dec 2020Kasey HarbinWhat Would Jesus Do?
29 Nov 2020Kasey HarbinFaith, Hope, and Love
22 Nov 2020AJ PricePromise in the Midst of Shipwreck
15 Nov 2020Kasey HarbinThe Widow of Nain
8 Nov 2020Kasey HarbinFathers
1 Nov 2020Kasey HarbinChildren Obeying Their Parents
25 Oct 2020AJ PriceGod's Love Language
18 Oct 2020Kasey HarbinMarriage Responsibilities Part 2
11 Oct 2020Kasey HarbinMarriage Responsibilities
4 Oct 2020Kasey HarbinWill of God
27 Sep 2020Kasey HarbinOur True Mission
20 Sep 2020AJ PriceMaking the Effective Ineffective
13 Sep 2020AJ PriceOur God, Builder of Builders
6 Sep 2020Kasey HarbinJeroboam Part 2
30 Aug 2020Kasey HarbinJeroboam Part 1
23 Aug 2020Kasey HarbinJesus the Son of Man
16 Aug 2020AJ PriceDetermining That One Thing
9 Aug 2020Kasey HarbinNature of Sin
2 Aug 2020Kasey HarbinIniquity
26 Jul 2020Kasey HarbinTransgression
19 Jul 2020Kasey HarbinSin
12 Jul 2020AJ PriceFour Stages of Pride
5 Jul 2020Kasey HarbinFreedom
28 Jun 2020Kasey HarbinMoses Concern
21 Jun 2020AJ PriceChristians in the WWW
14 Jun 2020Kasey HarbinLessons from David's Failures
7 Jun 2020Kasey HarbinIf I Could Only Fly
31 May 2020AJ PriceForgiveness
24 May 2020Kasey HarbinLove, Mercy, and Grace
17 May 2020Kasey HarbinThe Apostle Phillip
10 May 2020AJ PriceThe Apostle James - Son of Alphaeus
3 May 2020Kasey HarbinThe Apostle Judas
26 Apr 2020Kasey HarbinThe Apostle Thomas
19 Apr 2020AJ PriceAre you Being Different
12 Apr 2020Kasey HarbinMan Born Blind
5 Apr 2020Kasey HarbinBe a Part of the Solution
29 Mar 2020AJ PriceGod's Comfort and our Role to Comfort Others
22 Mar 2020Kasey HarbinWorship God Wherever You Are

                      Wed Night Bible Study Videos

20 Oct 2021Kasey HarbinJames
13 Oct 2021Kasey HarbinHebrews part 2
06 Oct 2021Kasey HarbinHebrews
29 Sep 2021Kasey HarbinPhilemon
22 Sep 2021Mike PressnellTitus
15 Sep 2021Kasey Harbin2 Timothy
8 Sep 2021Kasey Harbin1 Timothy
26 May 2021Kasey Harbin1 and 2 Thessalonians
19 May 2021AJ PriceColossians
12 May 2021Kasey HarbinPhilipians
5 May 2021Kasey HarbinEphesians
28 Apr 2021Kasey HarbinGalatians
21 Apr 2021Kasey Harbin2nd Corinthians
14 Apr 2021Kasey Harbin1st Corinthians
7 Apr 2021Kasey HarbinRomans Part 2
31 Mar 2021Kasey HarbinRomans
24 Mar 2021Kasey HarbinActs Part 2
10 Mar 2021Kasey HarbinActs
3 Mar 2021Kasey HarbinJohn
24 Feb 2021Kasey HarbinLuke pt2
10 Feb 2021Kasey HarbinLuke
3 Feb 2021Kasey HarbinMark
27 Jan 2021Kasey HarbinMatthew
20 Jan 2021Kasey HarbinThe Gospels & Matthew
13 Jan 2021Kasey Harbin400 Years of Silence pt2
6 Jan 2021Kasey Harbin400 Years of Silence
30 Dec 2020Kasey HarbinMalachi
23 Dec 2020Kasey HarbinZechariah
16 Dec 2020Kasey HarbinHaggai
9 Dec 2020Kasey HarbinZephaniah
2 Dec 2020Kasey HarbinHabakkuk
25 Nov 2020Kasey HarbinNahum
18 Nov 2020Kasey HarbinMicah
11 Nov 2020Kasey HarbinJonah
4 Nov 2020Kasey HarbinObadiah
28 Oct 2020Kasey HarbinAmos
21 Oct 2020Kasey HarbinJoel
14 Oct 2020Kasey HarbinHosea
7 Oct 2020Kasey HarbinDaniel
30 Sep 2020Kasey HarbinEzekiel Part 2
23 Sep 2020Kasey HarbinEzekiel Part 1
16 Sep 2020Kasey HarbinLamentations
9 Sep 2020Kasey HarbinJeremiah
2 Sep 2020Kasey HarbinIsaiah Part 2
26 Aug 2020Kasey HarbinIsaiah
19 Aug 2020AJ PriceSong of Solomon
12 Aug 2020Kasey HarbinEcclesiastes
5 Aug 2020Kasey HarbinProverbs
29 Jul 2020Kasey HarbinPsalms
22 Jul 2020Kasey HarbinJob
15 Jul 2020Kasey HarbinEsther   (Audio Only)
8 Jul 2020Kasey HarbinEzra & Nehemia
1 Jul 2020Kasey Harbin1&2 Chronicles
24 Jun 2020Kasey Harbin1&2 Kings
17 Jun 2020Kasey Harbin2nd Samuel
10 Jun 2020Kasey Harbin1st Samuel
3 Jun 2020Kasey HarbinRuth
27 May 2020Kasey HarbinJudges
20 May 2020Kasey HarbinJoshua
13 May 2020Kasey HarbinDeuteronomy
6 May 2020Kasey HarbinNumbers
29 Apr 2020Kasey HarbinLeviticus
22 Apr 2020Kasey HarbinQ&A  or (Audio Only)
15 Apr 2020Kasey HarbinExodus 1-18
8 Apr 2020Kasey HarbinGen 12-50
1 Apr 2020Kasey HarbinGen 1-11